Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Christmas is over and I have a wonderful family day back in my hometown, 7 days is just nothing for me, but in that 7 days there so many things happen to me. confuse me and hurting me badly.

A day with a long lost friend, with his best friend, It's started with a beer, conversations, and joke.Before we meet, My friend had told me earlier that his best friend will join us and told me that He is a Gay, well for me, it's nothing. I am okay with that actually, even my best friend also a GAY.
At my 1st eye to eye with him, my heart pumps a beep, and have a cold feeling ..hahaha well maybe it's just a shy feeling cos our 1st-time meet, and it's really weird that time.1 hour sitting and drinking beer with them, feeling high and shy feeling gone. well, this is my 1st drinking beer actually. I mean to drink beer. I'm a liquor person and I hate beer ...

Jokes and beer, games and laughter, we forgot how much beer we drank and we didn't even notice it's already 1 am.  if I am not wrong, we started to drink from 8 pm. My head really heavy that time, my stomach feel wanted to burst. that's the reason I don't really like beer because the Gas makes my stomach bloated. 

Cut the story short, we finally ended our morning at a bar or club, but I really don't remember how we ended there, I just remember that we did order 2 more towers of beer, and I drank too much of it. too much until I can get my ass from the sofa and dances. I normally won't dance, but this time. I did, hahaha ... 

An independent and single life for 5 years, of course, I can take care of myself. even I am drunk. I still can't take care of myself. 2 to 3 hours inside the club, I barely remember what's happening. I saw my friend already sleeping on the sofa and his gay friend is already dancing on the stages. he is over drunk already because while he dances his favorite move, he draws attention to all the ladies down the stages, well, they offer him drinks, I think it's 3 to 4 table offer him drinks.

Half awake but I manage to think straight. our 2nd tower of beer not even half of it, but my friends don't want to go back if the drinks not finished cos he said its wasted. So I drank it almost half until my stomach cannot receive it anymore ... it's really silly when I think it back, Lucky 1 guy come and approached me .......... really can't remember what he talked to me. All I can remember is he help me to finish the beer. hahaha hahaha thanks to him :)

to be continue ...................

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